Welcome to Something By Kate!


Being the owner and buyer for Lock & Key Clothing, fashion is in the forefront of my mind. As a kid my idea of “playing with dolls” was to creating new outfits for them, I’ve always been fascinated by fashion magazines, I follow almost every fashion blogger under the sun and I built my business around fashion so it’s safe to say I’m a fanatic.

My blog is all about this love affair and while admittedly it does feature a lot of pieces from my business Lock & Key Clothing,  it’s not just about promoting my business. I carefully choose pieces for my store because I love them, love the labels and the way they represent my own personal style. I am a huge advocate for Australian fashion and in particular fashion and fashion businesses from my home town of Perth (truly underrated if you ask me). This blog is an extension of me and my hope is that through it you will get to know me, my business and the beautiful things in my life that inspire my style.