Sky High


I don't know about you but as soon as the cold weather hits I immediately reach for my favourite knit and jean combo to get me through the day (and keep me warm of course). I hate to call it lazy dressing because as you know I'm an advocate for a jeans combo and there are some fantastic knits out there that are not only practical but pretty; but let's face it, it's more about function than flare.

So how can you update your winter look while still keeping warm and incorporating your favourite floppy knit (to hide that winter belly of course). Enter the thigh high boot!

My favourites at the moment are anything made from micro suede because they have a luxurious suede feel, stretch to fit securely on the leg and are thin enough to allow comfortable movement while still being thick enough to keep your pins warm. Pairing this with a flirty skirt and a floppy knit add just the right amount of sexy.

Outfit: Shilla  Divine Jumper  from  Lock & Key Clothing , Faux leather skirt from Zara, Chloe Bag from Matches Fashion,  Why Watches  Watch and Mollini  Laurit Boots  from  Lock & Key Clothing

Outfit: Shilla Divine Jumper from Lock & Key Clothing, Faux leather skirt from Zara, Chloe Bag from Matches Fashion, Why Watches Watch and Mollini Laurit Boots from Lock & Key Clothing