The Valentine Dilemma


I don’t know about you but every year when Valentines Day rolls around I find myself in a mad rush to think of an interesting way to celebrate which usually results in a last minute reservation at our favourite restaurant (or wherever we can get in at such late notice). Now don’t get me wrong, I love going out for a romantic dinner, in fact it’s one of my favourite things to do (things involving food generally are).  I was determined however, this year to think outside the traditional (or in my case lazy) dinner date options of the past and inspired to come up with a new take on an old favourite (because lets not get crazy here I still want to be fed so let’s not write off dinner completely).

So for anyone else with a similar V’Day dilemma here is my list of  “Not just a Dinner Date” ideas that are simple, easy, don’t have to cost the earth and also work with a group of friends for the unattached.


#1 – Picnics don’t have to be by day

Picture a warm Summery night, a hand packed picnic filled with gourmet chesses, chocolate covered strawberries and of course champagne to wash it all down.  Evening picnics create the perfect snuggle atmosphere. They give new couples a chance to get to know each other and more “established” couples an opportunity to catch up outside of everyday hustle bustle.

Some of my favourite picnic spots include Kings Park in the late afternoon so you can watch the sun set over the city together, outdoor cinemas to add a movie into the mix (Moonlight Cinemas is showing La La Land this year) or If you are a homebody why not set up a romantic picnic right at home. All you need is some romantic lighting (The reject shop has light up lanterns from $2-$3), a picnic blanket and some throw pillows. You also get the added comfort of being at home and extra bonus… No Uber rides.


#2 – Love them to the Moon and back

The Perth Observatory offers night tours on Valentines Day where you can experience Perth’s stunning night sky up close and personal through the observatories wide range of telescopes.  You can even adopt a star of your very own or purchase one for your partner to commemorate the special occasion.

Thai on the Hill restaurant is also not far away in Kalamunda if you want to grab a bite to eat after and there are a lot of great spots to park your car and take in the city lights from the hills (what happened while you’re parked is up to you… just saying).


#3 – Bowl them over (with your love of course)

Ok, so I know its super corny and little bit childish but couples bowling can be very fun and a little bit of sports rivalry can be just the thing to get the adrenaline pumping (maybe let him win though to avoid it backfiring lol). This date idea is a little retro (Think Grease 2) and is also a great option for including another couple if you want to double date. You and your partner can also bond over whooping the other couples butts.

AMF Bowling has centres in Cannington, Morley, Joondalup and Rockingham (SIDE NOTE: the curly fries are completely worth the calories). You could also try Rosemount Bowling, which has a gorgeous retro vibe, and the Rosemount Hotel is just across the road should you want to celebrate your bowling victory with a pint.


#4 – Sail into the Sunset

Love the water? Take a romantic sunset cruise around Fremantle. Freo has a heap of different companies offering twilight packages that include drinks and nibbles and give you the choice of sitting back and relaxing or getting a more hands on sailing experience (only if you want to). The Fremantle area is also full of some truly great bars and restaurants for a meal afterwards or you could consider making a night of it and staying at the Esplanade Hotel overnight.

Try Adrenaline and for latest deals


#5 – Rub one out

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist this naughty play on words (we are talking Valentines aren’t we), but don't panic this date idea however is less of a singles affair and more a two-person act…. It does involve some rubbing though.

I’m of course talking about a day at the Day Spa. Don’t let those boys fool you, most enjoy a good pamper as much as the ladies do and isn’t V’Day supposed to be about feeling all warm and fuzzy…. I certainly do after a long massage. This is the perfect treat for busy couples that don’t get much time for each other, or themselves.

If you want to splurge try stying over at Crown Casino and order an in room treatment or Le Beau Clinic & Spa are currently offering couples packages from $90.

Wearing:  If I Have You Top  and  Rosie Skirt  available from  Lock & Key Clothing   Makeup by:  Julia Miller Makeup

Wearing: If I Have You Top and Rosie Skirt available from Lock & Key Clothing

Makeup by: Julia Miller Makeup