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Just a few short weeks ago I was very pleased to introduce Cheekee Scrub to the Lock & Keyfamily. This gorgeous Perth based business run by the lovely Maddison deals with hand made body scrub made from natural ingredients and ground coffee beans. Of course before I welcomed them I had to give their product a try and here is what I found….



Before I discuss my experience let’s take a moment to look at why you would consider rubbing ground coffee beans all over yourself. There have been many studies done on the benefits of coffee and in particular the caffeine found within it that claim adding coffee to your skin care regime can result in the tightening and brightening of skin as well as help the appearance of puffiness, redness and even cellulite.

Studies show that when absorbed by the skin caffeine can help to reduce cellulite by dehydrating fatty cells and the rough texture of ground coffee beans when used as a scrub remove dead skin cells leaving skin smooth and bright. Skincare companies have long been adding caffeine to eye and face creams with claims that when caffeine is applied topically it constricts blood vessels under the skin reducing puffiness and redness. One study (NIH-AARP Diet and Health Study) even suggested that ingesting (drinking) coffee could even reduce the risk of developing a malignant skin cancer.



Cheekee Scrub spent three years researching the benefits of caffeine in skincare and developed their very own coffee body scrub. Their formula uses a combination of natural coffee grounds, sugar and oils to moisturise and exfoliate with the intention of creating smoother, brighter and softer skin.



I am loyal to products I believe in. Once I find something I love I stick with it and while I’m happy to try samples of new products it takes a lot for me to incorporate it into my everyday routine. I have tried a few different coffee scrubs over the years, one in particular that has been a regular favourite of mine….

until now.

Straight away I noticed that Cheekee’s texture was a little wetter than some of the other coffee scrubs I’ve used which made it easier to spread and also clung to my skin so there was less wastage (and mess). The texture also meant the scrub was gentler on my face but still left me feeling “well scrubbed” without the harsh sand paper feel. It’s important to note that while gentle exfoliation is great for the skin, abrasion is not!

I used the scrub over a two week period, twice a week and concentrated on my thighs and arms where I have a few stretch marks and scars. I left the scrub on my skin for a few minutes prior to rinsing it off in the shower and while the current Perth Winter weather left me a little cold I was happy to let the beautiful coffee smell linger.

The effect of the scrub was instantly noticeable from the very first scrub. I was pleasantly surprised to find my skin was indeed softer and smoother and remained so for days after use. It took about 3 uses before I started to notice any visual difference to the skin on my thighs and arms but I did notice the marks on these areas did have a more subtle appearance after using the scrub. The main difference I found with Cheekee compared to other scrubs I’ve used was the moisturising. Other scrubs have given my skin a fresh and smooth feel from the exfoliation but Cheekee left my skin soft and plump.

The scrub did leave an oily residue on my skin after the initial rinse but this was easily removed with a quick second wash with body soap. I tried not to wash too thoroughly though so as not to remove all the moisture from the oil but I personally don’t like the oily feel on my skin (unless i’m lying by the pool).

To make sure I wasn’t the only one having a Cheekee-good-time I also gave samples to four of my closest family and friends to try and all reported the same results (and wanted more to continue use). I have truly found this to be a beautiful product and i am so proud to now be stocking it at Lock & Key.



A couple of things I found that might make scrubbing easier:

Try using Cheekee Scrub pre-shower. It does get messy and it’s easiest to scrub in the shower wet area and then rinse off so you don’t get coffee grounds everywhere.

Be careful when using Cheekee Scrub on your face. It is rough, so be very gentle to avoid scratching delicate areas and causing abrasions which damage the skin.

Don’t use any harsh products with alcohol on the skin after using any scrub, it may sting.



Cheekee Scrub is available for sale now at Lock & Key Clothing or directly via the Cheekee Scrub website.