Christmas Cheer


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!… Actually it started to look a lot like Christmas in the stores in late October (is it just me or do they whip out the decorations earlier and earlier each year). Christmas is by far my favourite time of year, I love everything about it. The food, the weather, the time with my family and just the overall mood fills me with joy. This year I’ve been so busy my Christmas preparation has been left to the last minute and although I have food to buy and presents to wrap I always have my outfits sorted.

My Christmas edit for 2017 features some of my favourite pieces right now that will suit any Christmas event, from dinner with the family to drinks with your work mates. I've kept to the traditional red and white palette and also thrown in a few fun alternatives with festive prints.

All available from Lock & Key Clothing.

Ester Ruffle Dress   |  Shoes from Myer (Last year)  |   Daisy Earrings  from Ilyas Honey Jewellery  |   Lack of Color Boater  

Ester Ruffle Dress  |  Shoes from Myer (Last year)  |  Daisy Earrings from Ilyas Honey Jewellery  |  Lack of Color Boater 

Dilemmas Maxi Dress   |   Summer Nights Rattan Bag   |   Daisy Earrings  from Ilyas Honey Jewellery  |   Dakota Heels

Dilemmas Maxi Dress  |  Summer Nights Rattan Bag  |  Daisy Earrings from Ilyas Honey Jewellery  |  Dakota Heels

Summer Nights Rattan Bag   |   Beyond Skirt   |   Adeline Wrap Top   |   Daisy Earrings  from Ilyas Honey Jewellery  |  Shoes from Myer (Last year) 

Summer Nights Rattan Bag  |  Beyond Skirt  |  Adeline Wrap Top  |  Daisy Earrings from Ilyas Honey Jewellery  |  Shoes from Myer (Last year) 

Frontier Star Long Dress   |  Shoes from Myer (Last year)  |   Gucci  Double G Belt  |  Chloe Marcie Bag from  Matches Fashion   |    Lack of Color Boater

Frontier Star Long Dress  |  Shoes from Myer (Last year)  |  Gucci Double G Belt  |  Chloe Marcie Bag from Matches Fashion  |   Lack of Color Boater