Queen of the Night


Sometimes you find an outfit that is so exciting you'll do anything to get it. Most often for me, those outfits are usually made by Asilio. I think I've said it before (possibly more than once) but Asilio has become one of my favourite labels. They have a knack for creating the most interesting and exciting event pieces that seem to be a complete contradiction. There is always a perfect balance of feminine and masculine, elegant and edgy, sexy and sophisticated and I always feel amazing when I wear them.  

It's no doubt then that the most exciting piece I've worn this year was made by them. The Queen of the Night set immediately had my attention with the "rockabilly meets punk" charm of the embroidered patches, it's elegant long style and subtle sexiness of the sheer skirt. I'll admit this beauty is on the higher end of the price scale but I also think that makes it a little more "exclusive" and perfect for milestone events. You won't see a million other girls in the same outfit and it's sure to get a "Wow" effect.

You can find the Queen of the Night Set at Asilio or