Spring Racing 2017

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Spring is upon us! 

With the change in weather, comes a change in wardrobe, more social events and more chances to play dress up.

I've said it a few times before but Spring Racing Season is one of my favourite times of year. I am completely in love with the theatre of race days, largely because it's the ultimate chance to get extravegant with accessorising.  Think bright colours, bold accessories, and of course the head wear (the headwear is actually tradition - and I am all about that life!).

This year I've teamed up with my good friend Nat from The Other F Word to bring you some Spring Carnival outfit inspiration. These looks reflect our own personal styles but we hope they provide some inspiration and help tackling the "what am I going to wear"  and "what am I going to wear with that" dilemma a little easier this season.

Photos by Salted Creative with Makeup by Cat Elizabeth Artistry

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The Revival Dress | Savannah Clutch | Ebb & Fleur Flower Crown

At the start of every spring season, I notice influx of pastel coloured clothing available in stores...and this stunning lace yellow dress is one of the best examples I have seen of this so far. In my opinion Mossman have nailed it with this midi length, nude lined lace dress. I personally love that even though its quite covered up, it has a sense of lightness to it by way of the lace and nude lining. I am wearing it with a floral crown from Ebb & Fleur(which would have to be my absolute favourite kind of hair accessory) to play up even further on the girly vibe of the dress.



Elite Ruffle Midi Dress | Ava Clutch | Ilyas Honey Rose Earrings | Ebb & Fleur Floral Choker

Florals... ruffles... pink! I guess it's pretty obvious this outfit was inspired by Oaks Day (aka "Ladies Day"). I really love dressing with a point of difference so instead of the traditional headpiece I wanted to experiment with a different kind of embelishment for this outfit; and what's more feminine than florals right? The incredibly talented Hayli from Ebb & Fleur was able to create this stunning floral choker to perfectly compliment the pretty pink of my dress. Traditionally I wouldn't pair two bold features together in one outfit but one of the beauties of Spring Racing Season is the ability to go big with features so I was happy to combine a bold ruffled neckline with an oversized floral choker. It's not a look for everyone but I think it works and you can't argue it's fitting to the girly theme.

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No Reservations Dress | Anita Carr Headpiece | Oroton Forte Clutch 

This Asilio white gown is not something I would normally even bother to try, it honestly petrifies me, but in the interest of trying new things, I did it and was pleasantly surprised. A full length gown, especially a white one, is a little risky for the races (hello dirty floor) but if you were going to be in a nice, clean, corporate box type area I think this would be perfect. Its fully lined, so I found I didn't need to wear a bra, and it also meant I could safely wear spanx without worrying about any lines being visible. I chose this silver Anita Carr headpiece because I felt like the height of it suited the dress. Another big thumbs up for its comfort level.



Nuri Playsuit | Emily Clutch | Anita Carr Kave Headpiece

Now I know some of you are probably out there shaking your head at the thought of wearing a playsuit to racing event (insert shocked face emoji). Normally I would be too but I really feel the elegant draping of fabric and long tail side detail on the Nuri Playsuit elevates this traditionally casual style to something race worthy. Add some touches of gold and a matching Anita Carr headpiece and you're done! Did I mention that (despite being black) the light weight fabric and cut outs make it a warm weather friendly outfit?

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Lucetta Dress | Ilyas Honey Townhall Earrings | Anita Carr Delaney Headpiece

The idea of a short, red lace dress initially scared me, but as soon as I put this on I loved it! Even though it's quite short, and to be honest probably pushes the boundaries of appropriateness for the races, the long sleeved and high neckline I think work well at providing some balance to silhouette.

For accessories, I went with gold. This Anita Carr headpiece is delicate and stunning and also very comfortable to wear. Stylist tip; don't forget to test run any accessories you plan to wear before the big da. There's no fun in being an hour into a day at the races and realising your headpiece is giving you a major headache.

I chose my gold-ish barely there shoes in the aim that they would help lengthen the line of my legs.



A Thousand Golden Years Dress | Ilyas Honey Starrey Earrings | Anita Carr Lana Crown

This is probably the most traditional of all my race day outfits with it's sophisticated silhouette, feminine lace and bold accessories. Cooper St is a master at creating dresses that are flattering on pretty much every body type and the Thousand Golden Years dress is no exception. The form fitting bodice pulls you in, in all the right places, the lace overlay hides any lumps and bumps and the oversized sleeves hide tuck shop arms while adding an extra point of difference. As for accessories, what better colour combo than Navy and Gold.... it's a no brainer and suitable for the more traditional race day goers.

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Elite Ruffle Midi Dress | Ilyas Honey Rose Earrings | Anita Carr Giselle Lace Crown

For a girl who doesn't tend to wear a lot of pink, what better chance to do so than on Melbourne Cup day. I love the hue of this dress and that its one shouldered. It was a little more fitted through the body that I would usually go for, so I didn't find it as comfortable to be in as I did some of the other dresses, but if that kind of thing doesn't worry you this would be fine. Its fully lined, which was nice and meant everything felt like it was being sucked in nicely. With the heavy ruffle going across the neckline of the dress, I didn't want to add to much by way of competing accessories, so this pink and silver Anita Carr headpiece was a nice way to still incorporate a headpiece but keep the look simple. A nude shoe was an essential element to finish off this look.



Asilio Ineffable Gown | Kitte Aerialist Earrings | Ebb & Fleur Flower Crown

This outfit could be one of the most elegant things I've ever worn and definitely a favourite. Asilio have the most amazing ability to combine feminine styles with subtle masculine features to create edgy and interesting pieces. There is a lot going on with the Ineffable gown like intricate lace, flared sleeves, leather lace up shoulders and sheer flared skirt so it's understandable if your first instinct is to pair back the accessories. Somehow though the subtle pastels in the bold floral crown soften the feel of this outfit and the oversized earrings distract from the other features in the dress... apparently sometimes more is actually less.

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Dolce Lace Pleat Dress | Savannah Clutch | Ebb & Fleur Floral Choker | Lack of Color Spencer Boater 

This dress was easily the most "Natalie" of the bunch...the shape is one I just find so comfortable and easy to wear. To add some interest to the neckline I paired it with this amazing neckpiece from Ebb & Fleur and a hat...I love any chance to wear a hat. I feel like the accessories went a long way to add some personality to an otherwise simple white lace dress, and that's what styling is all about.

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The Other Woman Dress | Emily Clutch | Kitte Carousel Headpiece

Last, but definitely not least this outfit is the most "me". Inspired by Cup Day with it's lemon sorbet colour, exagerated sleeve, gold detailing and plunging neckline, I felt so incredibly sexy in this dress. I wouldn't normally advocate for a plunging neckline on race day (it's not technically "appropriate") but the bold long sleeves and over the knee length ooze elegance. The dress is also beautifully made from a textured almost tweed like fabric that hugs the body and felt secure through the bust. I paired this with simple black and gold to match the bodice detailing but you could easily brighten this ensemble further with a bright floral crown.

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Spring Racing season is an excuse to be bold. We encourage you to try something different this year and experiment with your race day looks wether it be with a bright and bold headpiece, a non traditional outfit choice or overloading features... have fun!

Thank you to our collaboration partners

Photography by Salted Creative | Makeup by Cat Elizabeth Artistry | Millinery by Anita Carr | Florals by Ebb & Fleur | Jewellery by Ilyas Honey Jewellery| Styling by The Other F Word | Clothing and accessories from Lock & Key Clothing