Gender Reveal

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That little blue cross appears on the pregnancy test….. you blink, I’m pretty sure that’s positive, is that positive? Wait, is the line too faint though?

Shit, what does the box say…. “For a positive result a blue line must be present in the control window even if faint”

You stare at the pregnancy test again… it’s faint but it’s there.

You do another one just to be sure….

That one is positive too…


A wave of emotions hit and a million thoughts flash in your mind… I’m not going to be able to drink for a while, That wedding is coming up! Fuck! How am I going to afford this, I’m going to get FAT! That’s why I’ve been so tired, my boobs have been sore, I just thought I was getting my period. Where are we going to put a baby? How am I going to tell work?…

And then you start crying but they’re not tears of panic, but tears of an overwhelming joy you feel in your core. You touch your belly as a way of introducing yourself to the new little life growing inside you.

Well, that’s how it happened for me anyway.

It was a Friday afternoon and I was at the end of another month of “trying”. A pregnancy test at this point was simply a formality… A “just in case” and the month prior my period had been two weeks late (which NEVER happens to me). So even though I was a few days late this particular month it never occurred to me I might actually be pregnant.


Even though John and I had been trying for a while I wasn’t really sure I was ready for a baby and each month came with a mix of disappointment and relief at another negative result. So it surprised me when we finally conceived the overwhelming joy I felt. Maybe it was hormones or maybe it was some deep seeded, primal instinct but it cemented immediately for me that this was the right thing and a beautiful thing. I was instantly thrilled at the thought of becoming a mother.

So after finding out I was about to become a parent the next most exciting thing about falling pregnant was finding out if my life was going to be about BMX or Barbies?… The Gender Reveal!

Now, not everyone wants to find out the sex of their baby until the big day but for me and John it was something we really wanted to do. Being a self confessed control freak also meant I was never going to be able to get through 9 months of not knowing and with the NIPT test you can also find out as early as 10 weeks… right up my alley!

Gender Reveal parties have become a big thing in recent years and there are a million different ways to do it. For our big reveal we handed the task over to my sister law who did an amazing job of creating our balloon pop gender reveal game. We kept our party simple with just our immediate family and a couple of close friends for a BBQ.

Find out the result by watching out reveal video below: