Animal Instinct


I’ve always had a bit of a love hate relationship with animal print. Done well with it’s a great way to inject some personality into your everyday wardrobe or make a statement but done badly (I’m thinking Fran Drescher, animal overload) it’s just plain tacky (in my opinion).

The modern animal prints are much easier to work with as they tend to be a little more subtle, often containing a more geometric shape and softer colour palette but what about the classics?

Since falling pregnant I’ve been forced to get a little more creative with the way I dress (No more jeans and tee combos on repeat) so I started thinking about ways to incorporate the more classic animal prints into my wardrobe for a bit of fun.

My way of styling animal prints uses neutral tones and layering to make the print a little more subtle and wearable, distracting from the boldness of the print.

Here are the top three looks I’ve been wearing right now.


A leopard print dress on it’s own can be quite bold as there is usually a lot of print across the whole body. Adding ankle boots and a leather jacket makes the outfit more casual and distracts from an overload of print.

Wearing Harper Maxi Dress from Maive & Bo



I love to live in my activewear when I’m at home and also when running errands. It’s just so comfortable and I always feel like if I’m wearing active wear I don’t need to make a fuss of my hair and makeup (Double bonus!).

To be honest leopard print leggings have always kind of terrified me, I’ve never felt I could pull them off and the print only seems to accentuate my hips and thigh area. By layering a long white singlet, black top and denim jacket though my hip area is covered and the denim jacket lightens the look.

Wearing Animal Print Maternity Leggings from ASOS

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I’ve found the simplest way to incorporate animal print my wardrobe is with with a jacket or cardigan. Paired with a simple monochrome outfit such as a simple black dress or over black jeans and a black top gives the print a good back drop and makes it the statement without being too over the top. Choosing a shorter jacket that sits around waist length will reduce overall coverage of the print if you want to tone it down a bit.

Wearing Wild One Coatigan from Lock & Key Clothing

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