Beauté Pacifique


Recently I was given the opportunity to trial products from the Danish born skincare brand, Beauté Pacifique.

The brand may currently be little known in Australia but since their conception in 1997 the brand has been recognised by beauty experts and supermodels internationally. They specialise in age degeneration and sun damage… something we are certainly no stranger to in our sunburnt country.

Protecting my skin from sun damage and maintaining youthfulness has become a big focus for me since turning 30 (5 years ago) so I was thrilled to try their products and happy to say I have found some absolute favourites.

One thing I really liked about working with Beauté Pacifique was they didn't just send me a bunch of products that might not be suitable for my skin type and needs. I worked with them and completed a very thorough skin assessment to determine my current needs and trouble spots.

From this, they selected products to best suit my needs.


Cleansing Foam

Designed for all skin types to clear clogged pores and promote smooth radiant skin. This was actually one of my favourite products from the range because I found it to give a really deep clean. I have always double cleansed and then also used micellar water to remove leftover eye makeup but somehow I always manage to STILL have makeup on the cleansing pad when I complete the last step. I always find this so frustrating and it makes me feel like my skin isn’t clean (maybe a little OCD but you can understand right?).

Since using Beauté Pacifique’s Cleaning Foam I only ever need to cleanse once, it’s great and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry or stretched. It also has a lovely texture and luxurious pearl look. Its not too friendly on the eyes though so be extra careful around this area.

Gentle Facial Exfoliator

Just as the name suggests this was lovely and gentle on my skin but still left it feeling fresh and smooth after use. I’m a big fan of exfoliators because I love the way they make my skin feel and this one was no exception.

So many exfoliators (even though you can’t see them) have irregular grains in them which can actually cause abrasions on the skin, this in turn can cause irritation or get clogged. Beauté Pacifique’s exfoliator has perfectly rounded pearls to remove dead skin cells which avoid any skin irritation and are gentle.

Oil Free Moisturiser

This moisturiser was specifically designed for oily and combination skin… Hello T Zone! The thing I loved most about this product was the matte look it creates on the skin making it perfect for under makeup and avoiding shine if you don’t want a dewy look.

It was great day to day and I felt like my makeup also held longer through the day meaning I could wear less of it #Winning!

Defy Damage Skin Repair Serum

This little beauty is a secret weapon against wrinkles and sun damage. Designed to have extra potency and combines Vitamin A and Ursolic Acid. As an added bonus it also reduces the appearance of veins and redness by contracting the blood vessels.

I’ll be honest it’s been hard to pin point if this product has made much difference to my skin because I’ve been using it together with the moisturiser and eye gel, plus I don’t have any veins to worry about. Overall though using the combination of products my skin texture has improved.

There’s definitely no harm in a little extra help fighting skin damage though.

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Puffy Eyes Gel

If there is one place that always seems to give away your age (no matter how great your skin is), it’s the eyes! While I love my laugh lines puffiness and dark circles under the eyes are really not attractive on me so eye cream is something I’ve never skimped on.

This product is deigned to firm and tighten puffiness around the eyes by penetrating the skin deeply. I really loved this eye gel and noticed a difference in the skin around my eyes almost immediately. The area felt firmer, smoother and also had a very subtle cooling feeling when applied. Definitely one for regular use.

Deep Pore Cleansing Mask

One of my favourite things to do at the end of the week is sit back on the couch and put a face mask on so I was thrilled to receive a cleaning mask… In fact I used it immediately! The deep pore mask uses three different forms of clay to bind and remove oily residues. It also contains peach extract and camphor which acts as a mild analgesic and relieves itching and irritation.

I loved this mask. Aside from being luxurious on my skin it left my skin feeling extra clean and fresh. I even noticed some of the blackheads I get around my nose were reduced.

It’s recommended to used this one once a week on normal skin and 2-3 times a week for oily skin.

Instant Hydrating Mask

Dehydration of the skin never feels nice and makes skin look stressed and aged. In the past I’ve used face oils to get an extra boost of hydration when I’ve felt I’ve needed it but they also have a tendency to make me break out so it’s a win/lose situation.

The Instant Hydrating Mask is designed to withhold added moisture in the skin and form a water retaining barrier in the skin’s surface layer. I found this mask to be lovely and light while super refreshing and my skin felt nice and plump after use. I’ve used it three times since receiving it and no breakouts to report. You can even leave it on overnight for an extra boost (I’m yet to try this because all I can think is; “what will happen to my pillow” But keen to try it… maybe with a towel on my pillow for the night).

Superfruit Skin Enforcement Night Creame

As I’ve gotten older I’ve noticed my skin’s ability to heal blemishes has diminished. Now if I get a pimple or blemish the redness can stay for weeks, sometimes months which is very annoying. Since using the Superfruit night creme though I’ve noticed reduced redness on blemishes and overall my skin looks fresh and hydrated in the mornings.

This product uses Lingonberries and Green Tea which have a high content of antioxidants that protect skin cells and promote the formation of new ones. This is designed to increase moisture levels, fight fine lines and reduce pigmentation.

After around 3-4 weeks of using the range I have been thoroughly impressed. The products have been designed with care and consideration with little touches I didn't expect, such as the Oil Free Moisturiser creating a matte base for perfect use with makeup and the Puffy Eye Gel having a gentle cooling effect (because what soothes puffy skin better than the cool).

It has been a delight to trial the products and most will be making it into my regular skin routine.

You can find out more about each product by hitting the links in the product title. Fell free to ask me any questions regarding my experience with the products below in the comments.