Trust me, at 36 weeks pregnant I’m already carrying enough around and adding a handbag to the mix is just more weight I don’t need. Plus getting anything to fit over my bump is a nightmare.

I used to be one of the girls with a massive handbag; you know the ones containing partly essentials but mostly just totally useless or irrelevant items that you never even knew were in there… Like, why the hell do I have a bicycle tire puncture kit in here?? #truestory

Since falling pregnant though I have been working hard to downsize and in this day and age almost everything you need on your phone anyway, even loyalty and bank cards so there’s not much need for a big handbag anymore.

Now, I know that after baby is born I will (out of necessity) be needing to go back to a big bag for Little Mate essentials but to me that’s all the more reason to just carry what I need in a compact, easy way. That’s why I’ve been loving the Trvlboutiq Crossbody phone Purse.

I have been using this nifty little phone purse for a couple of weeks now and it’s been an absolute gem!

So often when I’ve walked the dogs I’ve had to carry my phone in my hand because my pockets were too small to fit my phone and carrying my handbag bag is just annoying. At this stage in my pregnancy it’s also essential I keep my phone close at hand so having the ability to sling it across my body for easy access (no rummaging through bags to find it) has been great.

The strap is adjustable for length, great for me so I can adjust the length to sit over or under the bump and there is a secure card purse on the back side which can fit 3-4 cards neatly. I have even been attaching my keys to the detachable strap link so it holds all my essentials.

It’s super stylish and sleek in black vegan leather so goes with everything and I can already see it being extremely handy post pregnancy so my hands are free to tackle a tiny human… It also allows for quick phone access to capture those precious moments.

It’s well worth the investment and can be used for travelling, festivals, shopping or any event you want to to be hands free.

Use code “KATE15” to get 15% off your purchase :)

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